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Providing Ceremony Music in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Essex, and Kent.

My name is Eugene Portman and I provide music for many ceremonies. These are mostly weddings and civil partnerships and are mostly in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Essex, and Kent. In addition to these areas, I do cover other parts of the UK. When providing music for ceremonies, I usually do so as a soloist rather than in a larger line-up. Duos, trios work well for other parts of the day, but solo piano seems to be more popular for ceremonies. I work with some fabulous musicians and singers, and I’ll tell you more about them later. As well as weddings, I also play the piano for other types of events. These range from private parties and family get-togethers to product launches, parties, and corporate events. For more information about my other work, please visit www.the-pianist.co.uk.

Choosing the Music

Picture of Eugene Portman. A Pianist who is available for all types of ceremonies and events.
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Many couples worry unnecessarily about wedding ceremony music and music for civil partnerships. I hope that this website sheds some light on the subject of choosing ceremony music. Furthermore, I hope that it takes some of the worries out of what may seem a daunting task.

Choosing music for a ceremony doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can have anything you want. The only restriction is that music that with civil ceremonies, music with a reference to religion must be avoided. For religious ceremonies, there is even more freedom in that you can have absolutely any music you want.

Over the years I have played many different styles of music for ceremonies. In addition, I have had to play many bizarre requests. For help with music choices and ideas please visit the pages below.

The Ceremony

The Entrance

The Signing

The Recession

It is my intention that you will be able to use this site as a useful resource. I hope that this is the case even if you have no intention of booking me to provide music for your ceremony.

In addition to playing solo piano for weddings, I can provide radio microphones, gazebos, extra PA systems, etc. See the SERVICES PAGE for more information.