Baby Grand Piano – Portable Piano For Events


A baby grand piano shell is available for those occasions where a normal digital piano just wouldn’t look quite right. This style of piano looks perfect in historic buildings and venues with antique furniture. It only costs an additional £80 for me to bring this new instrument with me to an event and is well worth the extra expense.  80 is only a small fraction of what it would cost to hire a grand piano from a supplier and is well worth it if the look of a proper piano is important to you.

There are limitations as to where  I am able to offer this service. There are definitely restrictions in Central London and other major cities due to parking problems, but please contact me and I will try and get around any obstacles.

I will carry on offering the Yamaha P155 digital piano at no additional extra cost. This instrument is very smart looking and is perfect for most events. See the image below.

Yamaha P-155